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The impact of fuel type and vehicle age on the annual emissions of pollutants and social costs associated with it

In the article presented the results of the inventory of pollutant emissions from road transport in Poland calculated by the COPERT method. The influence of the age of particular groups of means of transport on the example of passenger cars, trucks, buses, tractors, working machines, two-wheelers, etc. on their share in the total emissions of these vehicles per year was analyzed. In addition, in the case of passenger cars, the impact of different types of fuel used (petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG) on the value of calculated pollutant emissions was compared. Particular attention was paid to finding the answer to the question whether eliminating certain age groups of vehicles from road traffic (e. g. old vehicles with self-ignition engines) could significantly improve the condition of the environment in Polish cities. Emissions of pollutants to the natural environment of a man cause negative effects in the form of an increased risk of incidence of so-called civilization diseases and material damage caused by acid rain or violent weather phenomena caused by the greenhouse effect and global warming. The article is an attempt to estimate the costs incurred in Poland by society for the treatment of diseases caused by pollutant emissions and the repair of infrastructure destroyed by atmospheric phenomena and discussion about potential and measurable benefits that would result in reducing emissions of pollutants from road transport.
Tematyka artykułu: Pomiary i kontrola emisji
Autor: Andrzej Żółtowski
Współautor(zy): Paulina Grzelak