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Exhaust emissions from jet engine fueled with biofuel blends

New alternative fuels are introducing to reduce exhaust emissions from aviation. The use of alternative fuels allows in particular to reduce carbon dioxide emissions due to the use of biomass for fuel production. New fuels must meet stringent standards due to the physico-chemical parameters of fuels necessary for the aircraft operation. The article presents the results of physicochemical tests of the biocomponent and its blends with traditional fuel. In addition, exhaust emissions in laboratory conditions were tested. Mixtures of traditional fuel and biocomponent in various ratios were used. On the basis of the measurements carried out, the ecological assestment of the jet engine fueled with alternative fuel was made.
Tematyka artykułu: Pomiary i kontrola emisji
Autor: Remigiusz Jasiński
Współautor(zy): Jerzy Merkisz Jacek Pielecha Anna Łęgowik