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Engine-integrated Off-road Stage-V aftertreatment system

Differentiations between on-road and off-road EAT systems will be listed in this presentation, both from mechanical and thermal challenge point of view. In off-road world, space envelopes are typically extremely challenging and urea mixing at wide operational window in very short distance is mandatory to meet tight emission limits. Due to many reasons EAT is integrated together with engine with direct engine mounting and everything inside engine room, causing lot of additional challenges to be solved. Mechanical requirements and surface temperature targets have been leading the design development together with mixing and exhaust flow characteristics. Proventia’s solution is proven to be efficient, durable and robust in real world conditions for today´s and tomorrow´s OEM needs with various specific needs. The presentation contains the basic info on our solution and recent case studies on European off-road Stage V.
Tematyka artykułu: Pomiary i kontrola emisji
Autor: T. Kinnunen