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Development of RDE test methodology in light of Euro 6d emissions requirements

Vehicle and powertrain test methods have long been guided by type approval requirements – and this is especially the case in terms of work on exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. Recently introduced real driving emissions (RDE) test requirements mean that test procedures must adapt as a result of the demands of the RDE development process. A key part of the new emissions testing landscape is portable emissions measurement system (PEMS). This paper presents BOSMAL Automotive Research and Development Institute’s PEMS systems, and explores the systems’ attributes and versatility, thanks to which they can be used to test vehicles of many different types and sizes (even off road applications and pieces of machinery), operating on different fuels and in accordance with a range of test procedure (both legislative and for development purposes). Later in the paper, it is shown that the emissions laboratory and its chassis dyno remain indispensable when conducting work on light duty exhaust emissions, even in the era of RDE.
Tematyka artykułu: Pomiary i kontrola emisji
Autor: Dr Piotr Pajdowski
Współautor(zy): Joseph Woodburn, Piotr Bielaczyc, Bartosz Puchałka