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Experimental research of two stroke aircraft diesel engine

This paper presents the results of experimental studies of the opposite diesel engine. The research engine of the two-stroke research opposite diesel engine was described. This engine was designed during one of the stages of the research on a new-type drive unit for gyrocopter applications. In order to specially test stand and control and measurement systems were developed. These were, among others, fuel injection system, engine thermal control system and measuring systems. In addition, a control program has been developed the fuel feeding process (injectors, valves fuel pressure regulators). The paper presents the results of the preliminary tests for a single value of engine speed (1500 rpm) and three values of load defined by torque The registered indicated pressure in one of the cylinders enabled us to calculate the maximum pressure and its angle. The obtained results have been analyzed.
Tematyka artykułu: Badania, diagnostyka, trwałość i niezawodność silników
Autor: Łukasz Grabowski