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Combustion control by rate shaping of liquid fuel dosing in IC engines

For better control of injection course in the direct injection spark ignition engine (DISI) and also of the combustion process the authors are proposing the use of fuel injection rate dynamic shaping. The conducted evaluation of applying results of such fuel injection control method has been based on the typical engine operating indicators, mainly the thermodynamic indicators and optical observations of combustion process course. Proposed injection strategies were implemented in professional test stands consisting of experimental engine model – a rapid compression machine (RCM) and of constant volume chamber (CVC). Combustion process has been observed and evaluated for different fuel injection strategies varying by different fuel injection stream intensity. The observations of the processes inside the cylinder and inside the chamber were carried out using the high speed camera and digitally evaluated. Thermodynamic parameters of the processes were registered and comparatively analyzed for direct injection of a single fuel dose and of the fuelling with dynamic fuel rate changes. For all investigated injection strategies the combustion and fuel stream indexes were determined and compared. The correlation between injection strategies and the fuel injection rate with the history of mixture inflammation and flame front development, as well as with the heat release rate. The comparative assessment of the obtained results and analyzes lead to the confirmation that the use of the proposed dynamic fuel dosing system for single injection enables a significant improvement in the mixture preparation and in combustion process development.
Tematyka artykułu: Procesy spalania w silnikach ZI i ZS
Autor: Skowron Maciej
Współautor(zy): Pielecha Ireneusz Wisłocki Krzysztof