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Modelling of the gas SI engine with over-expanded cycle

In the article are presented preliminary study of modelling a combustion cycle of spark-ignition gas engine. The study are performed with use of AVL BOOST software which is 1-D tool which allow to performe very fast calculation of engine combustion cycle. This particulary software allow to do an accurate prediction of engine performance, tailpipe emissions and acoustics. The results can be use as a input data to 3-D modelling as well as a guidence for the real engine tests. The article will present the possibilities of use the AVL BOOST for analysis of over-expanded cycle gas engine fueled with methane. The results will present the comparision of engine performance and exhast gas emissions between Otto cycle and over-expanded cycle engine.
Tematyka artykułu: Modelowanie i optymalizacja procesów w silnikach
Autor: Karol Grab-Rogaliński